Jumbo Multi-Color Hammock


Fit in your loved ones in an extra size hammock and it is the best product you’ll find anywhere.

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Material: This is a cotton hammock, 70% made up of cotton, which includes all body, and the remaining 30% is nylon used in extension arms.

Specifications: This large comfortable bed size hammock measures 86.4”. The hammock weighs t3.9 pounds, the length is 14.10 ft, and weight support is 869 pounds. The body length of a person should be 7.20 ft, and Body width should be 9.85 ft.

Can Support 4 to 5 people: When you go on a trip outdoor somewhere to get a break, this hammock can support a group of friends, including 4 or 5 people.

Multi-purpose Use: Hammock is ideal for campers, picnic, cabin, sail, powerboats, cyclists, hikers, etc.


  • Weigh: t3.9 pounds
  • Length: 14.10 ft
  • Weight support: 869 pounds
  • Body length: 7.20 ft
  • Body width: 9.85 ft