Cotton String Original Yucatan Hammocks


Now enjoy your leisure time in style! On a cotton string hand made comfortable hammock lay in piece, have coffee, enjoy me-time and have some time by yourself to daydream while swaying in the hammock.

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Material: 100% cotton handmade hammock bed made using ancient Mayan weaving techniques. 

Comfort with Style: Fits your body’s contours very aptly inside and allows you to relax and breathe. It can be useful in all seasons. This beautiful hammock bed can make you famous among your friends. 

Multi-Purpose Use: You can use it to spend me-time peacefully. Lay in the hammock to read, just lay and sleep just like ancient Mayans used to do.  

Durable: The hammock is 100% cotton, but the cloth’s extensions are made up of nylon. The hammock that is designed in such a way can hold up to 330 pounds of weight. The hammock should be hung at a minimum distance of 11 to 12 feet to get the best out of it. If not used for much time, it will not go dry but will remain there for years, looking as beautiful as it looked the day you bought. 

Warranty: Our high-quality products with super duty design come with an exclusive warranty of 5 years. In case of any issue with quality, you can directly reach to us.


  • Bed Size: 6.3 Feet x 2.6 Feet
  • Overall Length: 11.5 Feet
  • Weight Capacity: 330lbs