Original Quik Cart


Original quick cart is a multipurpose collapsible cart. It comprises a lid that helps the contents kept inside your cart stay inside. This lid can also be used for various purposes like it can be used as a seat cover. You can use it to take rest when waiting somewhere, in a car, etc. You can also use the lid like a step stool to reach cupboards where you can’t reach. You can also use it to keep beneath you while changing the bulb. When not in use, the lid can also be stored in the front panel.

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• Smooth-rolling rubber wheels
• Collapse down to 4 inches.
• Along with all the other features, it can open up into an ideal size with the capacity to carry groceries, office supplies, laundry, and everything that you name.
• It is also perfect for your car trunk.

Weight Capacity: Durable lid acting as a stool or seat holds 250 pounds, and the base can hold 80 pounds.

Dimensions: L 16.5 inch x W 15.5 inch x H 14.5 inch; Handle extends to 39 inch.