Are you someone who enjoys social events and going out often? If yes, you may have noticed the general lack of outdoor seating. Whether you go hiking, to an electronic store to get in line for your new product, or to a large shopping center, there is often a lack of sitting arrangement. Although malls and shopping centers have a few benches here and there, they are usually occupied. So what’s the solution to all of this? As you may be aware, CalCamp offers quality outdoor and camping gear, such as portable camping chairs. Many of our clients claim that they are some of the best foldable camping chairs, for all sorts of public places.

best foldable camping chairs

So. you may be curious to know how our camping chairs can prove helpful to you in public places. Thus, listed below are some fun and uniques ways you can use them.

Fun Ways to Use Our Best Foldable Camping Chair

Before we dive into how you can use our best foldable camping chair, let’s talk about what makes it possible for you to do so.

Our portable chairs are not just “portable,” we have made sure to make them lightweight as well. Thus, even when you need to take them somewhere with you, you won’t necessarily need assistance. Everyone can carry them easily, and you don’t necessarily have to possess physical strength. Moreover, they come with a shoulder strap, which you can use to carry your chair around. It’s that simple!

So, the next time you are stepping out for a while, keep the following pointers in mind:

They are perfect for the beach

Beach bags are life-savers, as they include the essentials like sunscreen to keep you protected and hats to let you enjoy the sun without the rays bothering your eyes too much. However, most people miss out on the most crucial aspect, seating. You may be used to packing a mat along with you on a beach outing. But mats often let sand pass through, which sticks to you and creates an unpleasant feeling. Therefore, our portable chairs can help you stay elevated from the ground, away from the sticky sand, while you enjoy the sun! Moreover, if you plan to swim, your chair will provide you with a clean surface to keep your clothes and eatables. Therefore, our foldable camping chairs will become a must-have for your beach days in no time!

Outdoor music festivals on open grounds

Music festivals held on large, open grounds are often the most fun! However, they consist of makeshift tents to accommodate the stay of those attending and lack sitting arrangements. With hundreds of people attending one festival, lines at the food stalls are often quite long, and the only sitting option is the grass. Thus, our portable chairs provide the perfect solution! You can unfold them anywhere you find a spot, as it takes only a few seconds. Moreover, they help keep your clothes clean, as the grass often has wet mud at these festivals, which ruins the amazing outfit you put together. Your chair also allows you to eat peacefully rather than standing and eating with one hand while you hold the plate in another.

A better seating option at concerts

Concerts are slightly different from music festivals, as you only attend for a few hours, while the festivals last a couple of days. In contrast, concerts tickets often cost a lot, and if you are unable to get the most expensive seats, chances are you will have to stand. Therefore, CalCamp portable chairs help you sit anywhere to avoid getting tired after standing for hours. Additionally, if you are short, concerts are even more difficult to enjoy as you cannot see much from the crowd. Our “Night Crawler Chair” will be perfect for you in such a scenario. Its seat is 20 inches above the ground level, allowing you to get a better view of the stage. It also has foldable side panels, which you can use for keeping your things.

The perfect companion for hiking and outdoor trips

As the name suggests, our best foldable camping chairs are ideal for camping and hiking! Most people only use these chairs when sitting around a bonfire or a campsite. However, you can also use them as you make your way to the campsite. Traveling through the woods can be tiring, and the ground is often muddy and filled with bugs. Thus, if you need to rest for a bit and don’t want to spend a lot of time looking for a spot to rest, our folding chairs will be ready for use in a few seconds! Moreover, they feature leg stabilizers, so they will maintain balance even on rocky terrain Just make sure to set up your CalCamp chair on a leveled area, and you are good to go!

Create the best fishing experience

Fishing can get tricky with the equipment, bait, and other stuff that you’re gonna carry with you. Therefore, we have created the perfect fishing chair, with a rod holder. Moreover, you can store other things like cups in the cup holder, use the large pocket on the back to hold your stuff. It also features padded armrests and lumbar back support. Better yet, you can fold the chair flat and wear it like a backpack, with the padded shoulder straps. All fishing lovers must try out our fishing chair models once. The experience will be so magical that you wouldn’t ever want to go back to any other chair.

These are just some of the ways you can use our best foldable camping chair range. However, you can take your CalCamp chair anywhere you want, as they are weather-resistant and farewell in most weather conditions. They are extremely versatile, so don’t be afraid to travel with them.

Our Best foldable camping chairs can also hold weight from 250-350 lbs, so they are useful to all adults. So what are you waiting for? Shop now, and make all your outdoor outings more enjoyable! For any further queries, feel free to reach out to us on our customer care number.