Nothing could give you an out-of-world experience than camping. Right? There is something unique about camping that leads many to say a big YES to this adventure. From capturing the incredible landscape in cameras to spending a whole day with friends in the lap of nature, the essence of camping lies in such moments. But these moments can only be remembered for a lifetime if this whole camping experience is comfortable and pleasant. Here Folding Camping Cot can be a rescuer!

folding camping cot

Let’s come out of the dream world and face reality. Camping is not just limited to packing your bags, booking your tickets, and posting the images on social media with the hashtag Campie. One must have all the camping essentials to make the experience enjoyable and, especially, nights comfortable.

When it comes to making the night more comfortable, folding camping cot should always be on the list of essentials. After all, no one enjoys sleeping on the hard floor. Right? Today, many people are aware of the importance of camping cots in an adventure. It also offers several benefits. And no doubt, this is high-time to discuss some more important things about it.

We have rounded up some amazing things about folding camping cots in this piece of content. So, why not walk through them?

1.Perfect for a Good Night Sleep

Imagine you’re sleeping on a hard floor with a mattress of rocks and weeds while camping. Seems scary? Well, no one would want to experience such uncomfortable camping nights. So, it is important to be equipped with the right essentials to encourage a good night’s sleep in the camps or under the sky. In such a case, folding camping cots come to the rescue. They are designed to offer comfort and warmth.

2.Easy to Store Anywhere

Forget about the trouble of storing your camping cots because they can be folded and can be stored anywhere. These essentials do not occupy much space. It may sound insane, but it’s true! We have a wide range of folding camping cots that you can explore and find the one that suits your needs. Besides featuring the foldable frames, camping cots also come with a bag that you can carry them in. It points directly to the fact that when a cot is not in use, you can easily fold it and put it into the bag to keep it safe from external damage. Isn’t this quite interesting? Buying a folding camping cot means saying goodbye to the inconveniences of storing or moving it.

3.Elevated Design

Another best thing about camping cots is that they embrace an elevated design. It means it allows you to sleep on a surface higher than the floor. So, there is no fear of insects and bug bites roaming on the floor. Because your cot platforms are higher than the ground, so now you don’t have to sleep on the ground and suffer the cold nights. Cal Camp Deluxe Folding Cot offers the best comfort you deserve. This is why it is considered one of the best choices for campers.


Yes, you read it right! Folding camping cot also comes with many storage pockets that allow you to store several things like flashlights, boots, and more. These pockets make these cots an ideal pick. Our collection also includes the best camping cots like Big Grizzly, Cal Camp Deluxe, and more that will be a perfect addition to your camping essentials.


Durability is one of the crucial factors considered while buying any product. Right? And when it comes to folding camping cots, it undoubtedly scores full marks in terms of durability. Once you purchase this camping essential, you don’t need to buy another one soon. But what makes it durable? Thanks to the highest quality of steel and aluminum frames and nylon or canvas surfaces, making it strong and tough for years. Nowadays, camping cots are also available with waterproof features, nailing the consumer’s expectations in the best way.

6.Easy to Assemble

The best part about camping cots is that they are easy to set up. Yes, it requires a minimal effort of an individual, which saves you more time for camping fun with friends and family. Explore our folding camping cot collection and get yours today!

Best Folding Camping Cot Cal Camp Brings For You!

Now you’ve learned a lot about folding camping cots. Cal Camp is a leading camping essential service provider, where you can access the best folding cot for your next adventure. Some of them are listed below. Have a look-

Big Grizzly Folding Cot

CalCamp believes in offering high-quality products, and Big Grizzly sets a perfect example of it. One can easily rely on this folding camping cot for every camping adventure, whether it is sleeping under an open sky or in a tent. This camping cot can be used as a spare bed. It is super easy to carry and has a reliable, durable design, making it a good choice for everyone.

CalCamp Deluxe Folding Cot

If you’re looking for a folding cot that delivers high performance, ultimate comfort, and also comes with a warranty, choose CalCamp Deluxe Folding Cot. It is a lightweight folding cot that one can carry anywhere, along with additional things provided, including a polyester blanket, two bottle holders, an LED flashlight, and two storage side bags. Five years of warranty on this product is just icing on the cake.

Raptor Military Folding Cot

Built with the highest quality of aluminum and popular for its portable design, this Raptor Military Folding Cot can grab anyone’s attention easily. It offers a console-like bed for your camping adventures. This folding camping cot is just close to perfection and encourages a better and comfy sleep at night.


When are you going on your next fun-filled camping adventure? While packing your bags and camping stuff, don’t forget to grab your folding cot. After all, a discomfort sleep will take no time to ruin your camping fun. Grab it now from CalCamp!