Do you love spending weekends around a bonfire? Do you wish it could be possible to burn a bonfire wherever you wanted? Well, it is possible with a fire pit tool set.

There are different things that people like about the outing. Some people like to sit in a chair near the beach and stare into the infinity of water; some people like to enjoy the silence of nature while lying in a hammock where some people enjoy sitting around the fire and enjoy soulful music with a group of friends.

When we say that we need something to create the vibe, a campfire does that for many travelers. Fire gives you a good view at night when you are in the woods or mountains or just sitting in your lawn and enjoying the weather.

To light the bonfire, it is not just the woods that you require. Several other tools help you arrange the woods and light fire so that it can keep on burning for a long time. Though there are many fire pit toolsets are in the market, they somewhere include limited material. Therefore, to give you relieved leisure time, CalCamp has come up with a brand new Fire Pit Tool Set that comprises everything you need to light and arrange your fire for a long time.

This blog will tell you about all the tools included in the Fire Pit Tool Set available at CalCamp.

fire pit tool setSteel Tools

Steel tools in the fire pit tool set include fire pit log poker and Log Grabber.

You cannot put your hand in the fire; thus, you can use log poker to adjust the wood so that the logs could burn adequately. On the other hand, the use of a Log grabber is for putting the log into the fire, which might get difficult to do manually.

The fire pit tool set is handcrafted black powder-coated, and the tools are 40’’ long. The steel tools come with a stand for decent support.


The fire pit tool set available at CalCamp includes a pair of hand gloves. The gloves are heat resistant, making it easy for you to hold the steel tools when using them on fire.


People use a tarp to shield the area in which you have lighted the fire. It is like a water-resistant cloth made of advanced material covering you and fire from rain or snow.

Carry Bag

To carry all these tools from one place to another, you need a carry bag in which you can pack all the tools and take them from one place to another easily. A significant precaution that you need to take while using the carry bag is not to keep hot utensils in the bag. Doing this can burn the bag.

Final Words

These are the essential tools that you need to ignite and arrange the bonfire without any harm. To add to your experience of campfires, choose CalCamp to buy a fire pit tool set online.