Are you going on a camping trip to the mountains? Are you worried about the weight of water bottles during the camp? You can reduce that weight by replacing heavy bottles with the best water canteens.

Many people, when they go for treks, remain extremely excited about the campsites. Because campsites are a plain surface where you can relax and spend some time in that spot. The other thing that you really need while trekking is water. It is essential to keep yourself hydrated when you are physically active, and the activity like trekking demands a lot from your body. Now the major problem in front of you is that you are carrying a lot of stuff in your bag already, and carrying a water bottle will increase the weight you can’t afford to handle.

Therefore, it is advised to replace the water bottles with the best water canteens. This is how you will be able to carry water, and the weight of your bag will also remain balanced. You can also buy the Best Water Canteens online at CalCamp, the best website to find camping accessories.

To make your work easy, we will discuss the variety of best water canteens available online at CalCamp.

1 Quart Kwencher Bottle

best water canteenThe water canteen has 1 quart of water storing capacity. Virgin polyethylene plastic is used in the manufacturing of Kwencher Bottles, and no BPA is used. The safety chain cap is attached to the metal band, which makes the canteen leak proof. The water canteen comes with an accurately controlled wall thickness, which ensures the water canteen’s durability.

Oasis 1.5 Quart Scout Oval Canteen

best water canteen

The water carrying capacity of Scout Oval Canteen is 1.5 quart. In the manufacturing of this water canteen, virgin polyethylene plastic is used, and BPA is not included in the product’s manufacturing.

Scout Oval water canteen comes with a canvas bag including a carrying strap, which makes it easy to carry this best water canteen wherever you desire. The canteen is injection-molded and comes with a safety chain attached to it, making the canteen leak proof and easy to on and off. Moreover, the canteen is freezer-ready, non-toxic, and non-breakable.

Western Canteen

best water canteen

Western water canteen available at CalCamp comes in 2 quarts and 4 quarts of water storing capacity. The canteen is injection-molded, comprise of steel web loops, and a mildew-resistant carry strap is attached to the product. The water supply inside the canteen is protected and insulated by carbonated sidewalls present inside the canteen. The additional and most important characteristic about the western canteen at CalCamp is it satisfies US Government specifications.

Final Words

Therefore, if you want to stay hydrated during the trip without adding to your bag’s weight, buy the best water canteens at CalCamp.