Are you an avid traveler that feels at peace in nature? Camping is second nature to many travelers, especially those who crave being away from a stressful lifestyle. If you too are such a traveler, you must know that nothing compares to the thrill of being outdoors. However, when you travel to a place with no man-made amenities, it is crucial to carry some essentials with you. After all, no matter how much you love being outdoors, everyone must carry the essentials. Essential items include packaged food, weather-appropriate clothing, and, most important of all, water. However, you will run out of water, and you can only carry so much of it with you. So then, what’s the solution to this problem? It is pretty easy, and all you have to do is look for the Best Camping Water Bottle you can find.

best camping water bottle

Now, the term “best” can be subjective. So, you must look out for the features in the water bottle that will specifically make your camping trip much easier. Some of these features are mentioned below.

Features to Look for In the Best Camping Water Bottle:


When you travel, it is essential to carry adequate supplies. So, if you do not wish to carry many water bottles with you, just take one with a large capacity. You should carry at least a bottle that can hold one quart of water without feeling too heavy. Being lightweight is important for a bottle to be the camping water bottle.

Manufactured with safe material

Before purchasing a camping water bottle, ensure that it is made of safe materials. You should always look for a water bottle with virgin polyethylene plastic as its primary material. Do not purchase a water bottle that contains BPA as it is a toxic material.


While camping, your primary focus will be on the beautiful nature views. You would not pay as much attention to your belongings every time you climb a hill. Thus, your camping water bottle may fall often, but you do not want it to break and be left thirsty in the woods. So, make sure you buy a durable and robust canteens.

You can find all the above features and more in CalCamp best camping water bottles. All their products are manufactured in the U.S.A with the best and the safest materials.

They have different sizes available for various purposes. If you are going on an extended camping trip, carry their four-quart camping  bottle. It holds a lot of water, too, without being heavy. So, you can focus on enjoying your trip with the canteens on the market.